Oh Divine Father/Mother Creator
as we continue knowing of your strength, power and divine insight
in everything we do, everyone we communicate and pass time with,
every place that we journey to (both physically and figuratively)
may we stop to listen and feel your presence in everything we do
guide us and bless us with holistic prosperity
that we might ramember your sacred way
let us give thanks and be one with you every moment of our existence

Cuff Linked.

You tell me I’m broken…
yet still wear me on,
your sleeve

Turning me to the side
this way and that way
Only to blind others
with my shine

Funny how you think
they don’t see…

The rust you stain me with…

(…From behind)


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If I had a dollar

If I had a dollar for every bullet punctured
I’d be filthy rich
with the blood, pain, confusion and hatred of my own
what are we waiting on?
who are we waiting for?

Another youth gone
to the rage of metal and skin and bone colliding
with one swift movement
never erasable

for the fearful:
unlikely untraceable

so run…
run like the wind knows your secret

fly like the birds camouflage you into the clouds

hide in the scare of your own daily stare
the suspicion of your greeting response
the thoughtless cycle of your motionless presence

if I had a dollar for every bullet shot
I’d be a gun pusher

I lay in bed eyes wide open
eyes tearing
sharing my thoughts with the spirits in the air….

‘”Who watches the docks at night?”‘



As below, so is as above, around, within and throughout
As was from before yesterday, shall we bring forth that which is useful for today
Not from a place of specific religion, nor biased perspective, but simply of united, universal, and eternal ancestral spirit
Out of respect, reverence and remembrance to them all we say so be it with and of the words in the many languages of all our ancestors who tirelessly paved the way before us, “Ase’, Aho, Amen”

Love is Mute

Close your eyes and open up your heart
What do you see when your mind and soul aren’t apart?

Love is not a color, love is not a sound
But it is with love that we innerstand everything around

How can you enjoy what you eat if your taste is fermented by hate, fear and distrust?
How can you fully appreciate your life partners if your heart is filled with lust

RAmember through your senses the true meaning of as below so is as above
Like pure crystal light in your heart, the God in you sees only love


Take Flight

In the morning, after night
From the pain and in the fight
Through the darkness and the light
Take Flight.

Though you’d rather go astray
Take the chance and find a way
You could make that change today
Take Flight.

When all you see is fear around
Listen inward for that guiding sound
Dig your roots deeper in the ground
And Take Flight.


Take Flight
Through the Darknes and the Light

If I have failed you…

let it not be a reflection of my intent
but of my ignorance
and my inability to see myself
through my intentions
as I am in actuality

my faults
my shortcomings
my over ambitions
which blind me from
my youthful vision

not that I stay blinded
not that I’ll remain deaf
not that I’m not learning
what I am not

not that life isn’t showing me
how much more I have to learn
not that I don’t know disappointment
even when it’s me who’s earned

the truth of it all
is I’m not breathing
but only exhaling in shallowness

the truth of it all
is that
if I have failed you

I apologize
for trust in me is oxymoronic at times

For sometimes, I am no more than
an aged child

learning to have trust

in self.


Trying not 2 have a melt down

I don’t know how 2 release this. I feel like bawling but the tears won’t come out

Wanna scream, but my tight throat won’t let me shout

And I’ve been in the bed from before the sun went down and I can’t fall asleep

I feel so betrayed, Angry, hurt, …and so unbelievably weak

What did I do to deserve this kind of treatment from people that were supposed to be my closest friends?

Finally I feel a tear forming…. Hopefully this will begin the end

How else can I release? How much more should I take?

What else will relax my gut muscles and soothe this head/heart ache?

A long, breathless, underwater shout?

Well, one has to work… about 2 find out.


Releasing pain constructively continued…

Dried bones worn as jewelry
Back bones used as decoration
Who or what did these once clothe?
Does it even matter or do we just use them as we see fit
As long as it pleases us
Do we even ask permission to selfishly distance them
Or do we appreciate…

Their journeys
And give thanks for their sacrifices
Before we bore yet another hole in

To dangle from our person
As if we have conquered them all on our own.

And so now they are trophies to be worn by Kings and Queens
Who Labor not.

I too sing America… I am the darker sister
They send me to eat in the kitchen, when company comes
But I laugh, and eat well and grow strong

They’ll get it

Or they won’t
And I will keep on keepin’ on
With my external smile
And my internal tears
Will flow no more
For shame of their perceptions of my abused beauty

I appreciate the stones, the shells, the broken smoothed glass
For I know not their Journeys

And should I choose to request their presence on my person?
I will do so wearing the pride of their accomplishments

And the awareness of their struggles
So that I will not be adding to their demise
But strengthening their story
With my own

As they in turn
Strengthen mine
With theirs


PEACEGreetings…mySelf defined.

mySelf defined.

sit on the sidelines
watch the players, the umpires and the audiences
and I just sit
knowing it isn’t my place to speak
until moved to do so
and I sit
until the spirit moves me to say
to all who make contact with my mind’s eye
isn’t there enough judgement being passed today?
encouragement often comes without spoken words
and sometimes the most powerful phrase
is the shortest

learn how to learn
and learn how to live
moment to moment
and with each new relationship
made or lost
I learn
to accept
it as a blessing

privileged to be on the fence in between
on the side of no one, but everyone
I remain
of balanced perspective
left brained and right
simultaneously allowing insights and perspectives
to be malleable without force
gentle winds blow mood tides to change direction
so closed into this
yet so open… too open?
some say
but time and experience will tell
pains are necessary for growth sometimes
redefined, they don’t have to hurt to be felt

how will you define me
whichever way is necessary for your journey
I am hapi to be of assistance
as a vessel
for all
humbly I wait your request
ask of me
and I shall provide
feed me
and I will be replenished
to continue
feeding others
along with myself