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WorkCation on St. Croix

At the beach! Follow me @UVICES as I share the play for play at #AgDiscovery Camp @uvi_edu

Posted by DaraMonifah Cooper on Saturday, August 5, 2017

Where else can you fly to an island paradise, engage in constant learning experiences around agriculture and culture, with some of the most uniquely intelligent and environmentally aware young people who just happen to be interested in changing the world?

Right here. I’m there… and getting paid to do it, while getting to do what I love most at my leisure: New media documenting, spending quality time with young people, and teaching them by doing.

At the beach! Follow me @UVICES as I share the play for play at #AgDiscovery Camp @uvi_edu

Posted by DaraMonifah Cooper on Saturday, August 5, 2017

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We spent week one on the island of St. Croix enjoying the first part of the AgDiscovery summer program at the University of the Virgin Islands. To follow us along the way connect with us @UVICES online via FacebookInstagramTwitter and Youtube to stay updated. Facebook live videos to be added*

See how 20 students from all over the USA (with a few locals from the Virgin Islands) are getting the experience of a lifetime learning about agriculture and related fields, while rooming in the dorms for two weeks at the AgDiscovery summer program. All happening at the University of the Virgin Islands, Albert A. Sheen, St. Croix campus. 

AgDiscovery is an outreach program to help students learn about careers in animal science, veterinary medicine, agribusiness and plant pathology. To find out more information about this program click on the 2017 AgDiscovery brochure

DAY 1 | Photo Album
Meet & Greet
Along with a few local students, twenty “AgDiscoverers” from as far West as California to North as Seattle took the first afternoon/evening to get acquainted with each other and the staff.

DAY 2 | Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 | Video 4 | Video 5 | Photo Album
One sheep, two sheep, from scooping out sheep poop first thing in the morning to checking through ultrasound technology to see if they’re pregnant… then collecting/checking their stool and blood samples for parasites and anemia, AgDiscovery campers spent the first day getting to know Agriculture deeper than ever before, from the inside out, literally.

DAY 3 | Video 1 | Photo Album
This Lil Piggy went to Market… as a dish.
This little piggy’s going to market… on a plate. After a trip to the Abattoir, AgDiscoverers now know the procedure that pigs endure when being slaughtered at the VI Department of Agriculture. Then after lunch (no pig today), they walked over to the Research and Extension Center to learn horticulture from Dr. Stuart Weiss and went along with him to the greenhouse to learn about sooty mold and other potential hazards to plants. They ended the day making smoothies with 4-H Ambassadors in the CES Kitchen Lab.

DAY 4 | Video 1 | Photo Album
2 ‘Ponics & an Eggfruit
Water water everywhere, putting it to use. Day 3 was about Hydro and Aquaponics systems. They helped to make and then enjoyed eggfruit smoothies with the 4-H staff in the CES Kitchen Lab.

DAY 5 | Video 1 | Video 2 | Photo Album
Planting Sugar Cane, Sejah Farm & Cruzan Rum Factory
Measuring the field area, Laying out the tubing and Planting sugar cane was how this day started with AgDiscovery campers having hands on setting up a SWEET hydroponics system. Then they visited their first local farm with Yvette and Dale Brown giving them an experience of local plant identification, herding lamb and making fruit smoothies. They got a quick tour of the Cruzan Rum factory before heading back on campus.

DAY 6 | Video 1 | Photo Album
Ridge 2 Reef Certified Organic Farm & Salt River Bay Historic Preserve
AgDiscovery campers took a long, winding, and bumpy trip up the mountain to the only USDA Approved Organic Farm in the USVI, Ridge to Reef Fa rm and spoke with it’s Driector before heading to the SaltvRiver Bay National Park site for a hike on tribal Taino land and left with jewerly that they made during the visit.

DAY 7 | Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 | Photo Album
Farmers Market, Whim Museum, Town & Beach
What would learning about local agriculture be like without a trip to the farmers market?
A little historical edutainment at the Whim Museum gave the campers a new appreciation for the rich history of the islands and making it to town and the beach before eating on the Boardwalk was an excellent way to wrap up a full day…week!

#AgDiscovery Campers at Whim Museum

Posted by DaraMonifah Cooper on Saturday, August 5, 2017

Stay tuned for more  week 2 footage starting with these photos:
AgDiscovery Day 8: Early Morning Sunrise to Sunset on a Beach

AgDiscovery Day 9: Visit to the Department of Ag, Diving Cows & Party!

AgDiscovery Day 10: APHIS Info, Interviews, 4-H Health Ambassadors & AgRobotics

AgDiscovery Day 11: GLG Plants & Produce Farmer Grantley Samuel

Watch the interview below as collaborators share their reflections after opening day of the AgDiscovery 2017 Youth Camp held at the University of the Virgin Islands Albert A. Sheen St. Croix campus. Click the photo below to watch the video:
From left to right: Sarah Dahl-Smith, UVI Cooperative Extension Service 4-H Specialist; Dr. Louis E. Petersen, Jr., UVI Cooperative Extension Service Assistant Director, Agriculture and Natural Resources (St. Thomas-St. John District); Tammy H. Lowry, AgDiscovery Program Manager & Management/Program Analyst (Office of Civil Rights, Diversity, and Inclusion (USDA); Kai Nielsen, Camp Site Coordinator.

The AgDiscovery program was initiated as an APHIS Veterinary Services pilot program in 2002. This year, we have a total of 22 universities hosting an AgDiscovery program at college campuses nationwide.  Funding for AgDiscovery is enabled through cooperative agreements between APHIS and the host universities.

AgDiscovery is a summer camp outreach program designed to help middle through high school aged students explore careers in animal science, veterinary medicine, agribusiness, plant pathology, aquaculture, and much more. This 2-4 week program allows participants to live on a college campus, and discover agricultural science from university professors, practicing veterinarians, industry representatives, and professionals working for the U.S. government. Students who participate in AgDiscovery experience hands-on labs, workshops, field trips, and other group and team building activities. For more details click here!

eXtending Knowledge; Changing Lives, join us as we share the journey of AgDiscovery with youth in the U.S. Virgin Islands as they prepare themselves to change the world.

DaraMonifah Cooper, New Media Specialist
UVI Cooperative Extension Service, St. Thomas

#AgDiscovery #USVI  #YouthInAg #AgCommunications

Educational/Behavioral Center offers Workshops

The CW Educational and Behavioral Center Introduction & Workshops this week with DrVincentia Paul-Constantin & Ladi J Whyte (Part 2). Visit for more information.They discuss workshops happening this week (July 10, 2017) on Mental Health and Special Education. #MentalHealth #SpecialEducation #UVIalum

Posted by DaraMonifah Cooper on Monday, July 10, 2017

I sat down to speak with the founders of the CW Educational and Behavioral Center,  DrVincentia Paul-Constantin & Ladi J Whyte. They discuss workshops happening this week in collaboration with Beautiful Dreamers. Events are on St. Thomas and St. Croix (July 10-13, 2017) focused around Mental Health and Special Education.

As a new local business, the CW Center will provide educational and behavioral services to residents of the Virgin Islands. Services include psychotherapy-counseling, special ed services, behavior modification, education/psych assessment, law enforcement sensitivity training.



MONDAY @7pm – Wynston Reymo Center (Round de Field Community Center)
TUESDAY @6pm – Seventh Day Adventist Church (Tutu) across from Curriculum Center
WEDNESDAY @5:30pm – University of the Virgin islands St. Thomas Campus in the Chase Auditorium (Business 110)
THURSDAY @5-6:30pm & 6:30 – 8pm – University of the Virgin Islands St. Croix Campus in the Great Hall

Click the play arrow to watch the interview above or to listen to it below. For more information check out their Facebook page  or website.

#MentalHealth #SpecialEducation #UVIalum

VI Trees and Flowers Fair

Know the difference between native trees and exotic trees? Get questions answered as well as learn from local specialists at the 1st annual St. Thomas/St. John “V.I. NATIVE TREES AND FLOWERS FAIR” taking place on Saturday, June 10, 2017 in the Emancipation Garden.

USVI Urban and Community Forestry Council Chairman Mario A. Francis shared some details during a radio interview on June 7, on the What’s Going on @UVICES weekly radio show. The UVI Cooperative Extension Service office’s latest publication will be available for viewing as a preview to being on sale at a later date.

Below, view a little preview from pages in the Guide to Safer Trees publication by now Commissioner Carlos Robles of the VI Department of Agriculture.

Native trees are more durable and can withstand more diseases and insects as well as natural disasters. Traditionally, our trees are also used medicinally and there is a lot of history behind them. There will be different tree related professionals. It is a skill, a science and an art to know about and care for trees. 

The Fair’s objective is to build community awareness of the importance of protecting and replanting V.I. native trees; and the role of the urban and community forestry program. Also attend the fair to learn about a needed  tree law so that we can better manage our trees in the territory. For more information, contact Mario Francis  at 340-228-2848.

African Liberation Day USVI Activities


Listen/Watch and Learn abt African Liberation Day with the Pan African Support Group here on WUVI AM 1090 and FM 97.3 See the permanent webpage for this video and more info on

Posted by DaraMonifah Cooper on Saturday, May 6, 2017

African Liberation Day (ALD) was founded in 1958 when Kwame Nkrumah convened the First Conference of Independent States held in Accra, Ghana and attended by eight independent African states. The 15th of April was declared “Africa Freedom Day,” to mark each year the onward progress of the liberation movement, and to symbolize the determination of the people of Africa to free themselves from foreign domination and exploitation. For more details visit

Upcoming Events or Related Activities:
May 4 – Showing of Documentary on Dr. John Henry Clarke/Dialogue
May 25th – ALD Ceremony at VI Legislature
May 25th – 7-8pm on WSTA 1340 AM
May 28th – 10-6pm ALD Rally at the Emancipation Garden

July 3rd – Emancipation Day Celebration at the Emancipation Garden

The Virgin Islands Code Bill No 18-0147 #5473 exists to proclaim the 3rd week in May as VI African Heritage Week as well as the African Liberation Day celebration which is celebrated at the Legislature.

More to be added to this site. Connect with the Facebook event to stay updated also.

Radio interview audio link

USVI Sin Tax Debate

Sin Tax bill Roundtable at #UVIResearch Day with Senator Marvin A. Blyden & Tregenza A. Roach, Senator here at the University of the Virgin Islands U.V.I Sports and Fitness Center

Posted by DaraMonifah Cooper on Friday, April 7, 2017

Sin Tax bill Roundtable at #UVIResearch Day with Senator Marvin A. Blyden & Tregenza A. Roach, Senator here at the University of the Virgin Islands U.V.I Sports and Fitness Center | Official video to be posted on

Posted by DaraMonifah Cooper on Friday, April 7, 2017

Sin Tax bill Roundtable at #UVIResearch Day with Senator Marvin A. Blyden & Tregenza A. Roach, Senator​ here at the University of the Virgin Islands​ U.V.I Sports and Fitness Center​

VI AgriFest 2017 St. Croix

Live from #VIAgriFest streaming audio on WUVI AM 1090 and FM 97.3 on the Sankofa Saturdays Weekly Radio Show

Posted by DaraMonifah Cooper on Saturday, February 18, 2017

This year I get to cover the #VIAgriFest in a way I’ve never before had the opportunity…. New Media style! Stay tuned as we share photos, videos and audio interviews from the fair in collaboration with the University of the Virgin Islands Caribbean Cultural  Center (VICCC) and Sankofa Saturdays Youth Media Team being shared from their Facebook page.

Check out the VICCC at UVI (STX)

Check out the Vi Caribbean Cultural Center at #VIAgriFest this weekend with Dr. Chenzira Davis Kahina. #VICCC365 #SHARE Sankofa Saturdays Jason Klarl D'Ajahni Estrada-Petersen PerAnkh Khamniversity Uvi Pro Reginald Cyntje Reginald Cyntje Music University of the Virgin Islands

Posted by Sankofa Saturdays on Saturday, February 18, 2017

VICCNotes live at 46th Annual St Croix Agriculture and Food Fair. Day 3 On air LIVE WUVI AM 1090 and FM 97.3

Posted by Vi Caribbean on Monday, February 20, 2017

“Filled with many activities for the entire family, AGRIFEST captures fair goers and non-fair goers alike repeatedly. ” ~VIAgriFest Website

Special thanks for the assistance of the VICCC & Sankofa Saturdays: Dr. Chenzira Davis Kahina, D’Ajahni Estrada-Petersen, Jason Klarl and Zachary Taibi.

I’ll post all the videos and photos I find below on this page and my Facebook page.

Here 2 Heal: Kamani Tait Returns

Radio Interview with Kamani Tait on WUVI

Watch this #FacebookLive video (interview starts at 6:30) archive or #ListenIn to the audio (link below) as I speak w/ Kamani Tait aka KT The Arch Degree (also known as Dr. Sebi's Son) on WUVI: Learning about him and the gathering at E's Garden Teahouse and Things on Feb 11, 2017! See full details here: Topics: Who is Kamani Tait, Why the Virgin Islands, Kidney's Decoded, Tropical Vegan Food, Super Fruits & Indigenous Herbs of the Rainforest | Streaming live at 1pm on Like/Follow: WUVI AM 1090 and FM 97.3 #health #wellness #drsebi #LoveNHealingVIAudio Archive:

Posted by on Saturday, February 11, 2017

Most people don’t know it but Cruzan born Kamani Tait has returned home to the United Virgin Islands with some answers according to his Facebook post. Baba Dr. Sebi and our ancestors continue leading the way.  

Whether you watched it on #FacebookLive or #ListenIn to the WUVI audio archive, pay attention as I spoke w/ Kamani Tait (Dr. Sebi‘s Son) aka KT The Arch Degree on WUVI: Check the video of him at E’s Garden Teahouse and Things coming soon!

Topics included: Kidney’s Decoded, Tropical Vegan Food, Super Fruits & Indigenous Herbs of the Rainforest and so much more…

Streamed live Saturday, Febraruy 11, 2017 at 1:30 pm on
WUVI AM 1090 and FM 97.3 #health #wellness #drsebi #LoveNHealingVI

KT shared clarity on the real Super Foods of the Sun. HE spoke about the differences between diabetes types.  He went in about the importance of our kidneys and Indigenous wild herbs of the rainforest are the topics at hand.

For more details…
Contact: 340-244-1196
Visit for more on Kamani Tait.

Health Workshop features local Naturopath

The next Health N Healing Workshop will be held on Monday February 6, 2017 at 6:30 pm in the Frenchtown Community Center.

Dr. Wendy V. Coram Vialet in the UVICES Demonstration Garden with Medicinal Plants Photo ©DaraMonifah

Guest Educator:
Dr. Wendy Coram-Vialet, ND, Naturopathic Physician. She is also the CEO of Corvia Natural Healthcare Services right here on St. Thomas.

Bring an open mind, a friend or relative, and remember to tell a friend to bring a friend.
Admission is always Free.

For more information call or (340)-714-1841 or (340)-642-4418 and connect with Organic West Farm‘s Bro Wa-Day Owf
Follow: IChlorophyllConvo

2 Services of Solidarity

2 Services of Solidarity ON NOW: WUVI AM 1090 and FM 97.3 Interfaith Weekend in Response to the Muslim Ban with Dr. Wendy Coram, Rabbi Mike Harvey of The Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas & Islamic Center: Masjid Nur Ahl-Us Sunnah #Solidarity Listen to the recording here:

Posted by DaraMonifah Cooper on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

What happens when you get a Rabbi, an Imam and a University Director in the same room? No it’s not the start of another bad joke. It’s about individuals and spiritual centers that have come together with a common purpose. Solidarity. Watch and listen to find out for yourself as we aired it live on WUVI AM 1090 and FM 97.3 (

Interfaith Weekend in Response to the Muslim Ban with Dr. Wendy Coram, Rabbi Mike Harvey of The Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas & Islamic Center: Masjid Nur Ahl-Us Sunnah #Solidarity

Guests were members of the Interfaith Council of the Caribbean and Dr. Wendy Coram-Vialet, Director of the University of the Virgin Islands Center for the Study of Spirituality and Professionalism. Together, they are making sure that people come to attend the 1 pm service on Friday at the Masjid Nur as well as at 6:30 pm the St. Thomas Synagogue. Dr. Coram Vialet stated that she wishes to promote peace and to be supportive of organizations who are working to instill peace initiatives within the community. We are inviting as many students, faculty, staff and community members to participate as possible.

Watch/Listen in to the live video or to the audio recording posted on shared on WUVI’s Facebook Page or join the Facebook event to learn when, where and what can be expected at the two services happening on Friday, February 3, 2017.

Why else to listen? I asked questions like:
How long will the services be?
What is being requested from those who are listening or who will attend?
How can they contact you to find out more?
How does this tie in to CSAP – AVPI?

Photos to be added later today.
Thank you for your support,
DaraMonifah Cooper‪‪‪
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Crochet Kim and Jah Sekhemna’s Works at Bordeaux Fair

Listen in as Sis “Crochet Kim” & Jah Sekhemna talk about their works in the upcoming Bordeaux Fair Jan 14 & 15, 2017. Join the Facebook Event for updates. Watch the Facebook Live video of the interview here and a quick Instagram interview promo.

Listen to Jah Sekhemna on Reverbnation and follow him on Facebook and Youtube and check out Sister Kim as EmpressionZ Tampa on Facebook.
After the Bordeaux Fair you can find them at Brewers Beach on Sunday afternoons selling boiled peanuts, greens and vegan cookies like chocolate chip and cranberry oatmeal. You can also place your order for crochet wear as they’ll have select items on display. Sister Kim let out the bag that they’ll be introducing a green-nut butter punch which is peanut punch with a green twist.

“Something different for a lil more alkaline,” Sister Kim – aka Crochet Kim

The Crochet line is also featured at Bri Boutique Facebook & Instagram.