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Gylchris Sprauve: Valiant Virgin Isles

Renowned local musician Gylchris Sprauve received a standing ovation from students and faculty Friday for his performance of "Valiant Virgin Isles." Sprauve and other guests were part of Friday's student organized Black History and V.I. History Cultural Celebration, which took place in the Prior Jollek Hall. Sprauve said his deep love for the Virgin Islands, its history and its people inspired him to write the piece, which has been adopted as this year's Centennial song. More to come!

Posted by Antilles School on Friday, April 7, 2017

(Click here for Song lyrics)

If the world learns nothing else about the place of my birth, I need it to know of our resilience, our innate kindness and our value. Beyond the beauty of our sun, sand and seas, the treasure that is our people, always revitalizes my sense of pride to be, “bahn” here as we say in our native tongue.

Far more valuable than any material goods or even the naturally hospitable services of Virgin Islanders, is the richness of our history, culture(s) and our faith. I don’t mean the over 300 churches that stand erected in our small archipelago… the most churches on the globe within such a small sized location. I’m not even talking about the grandeur of our architectural structures, frombuildings to step streets… as we also are the one location globally with the most step streets.

Us. The people. Are the most valuable asset that exists amongst all this… and when nature’s disasters strip away everything else, it is our true spirit that shines through ever so brightly as if only washed off and waxed by earth’s most tumultuous season of destructive forces.

I’ve much to share, but I just wanted to start with a prelude. Dear friend and proud Virgin Islander Gylchris Sprauve wrote the song Valiant Virgin Isles way before the storms shook our islands to their knees, but now I hear it ever so much clearer.  A March 28th V. I. Source story shares details as quoted by Sprauve himself.

Listen and share in the strength and vulnerability of this, our theme song for what will remind our people of their greatness in this time of deep despair and great need.

Yes, send support for our islands, but do it humbly, recognizing that though we are now battered and bruised, we will soon rise again stronger, wiser and more able to shine again like the diamonds we’ve always been.

“Press-ing on through ar-duous trials,”

Valiant are, our Virgin Isles – (Click here for full Song lyrics)

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