Art Exhibit: It’s a Family Affair

When artists unite, what is created from their combined energies can be nothing less than a work of art… Be it canvas, melodic score or a beautiful young human being…being nurtured.

On Saturday, February 4, 2017 at E’s Tea House in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, a local artist family will share for the first time in public exhibit, Faces of Hope and other works of art. From illustrations to origami & digital art.

Using portraits of local artists, culture bearers and a variety of individuals, the  ‘1 Million Faces of Hope Charcoal Sketch Series’ is his way of bringing out the best attributes of a community through portraits of the people that nurture it to wholeness, as he is doing with his son from a distance.

“I love what I do, and I have experienced the joy it brings others when doing it.”

~Abrahaman Muhammad

In simple words Abrahaman Muhammad is an artist. Born on St. Thomas to two artistic and free thinking parents, who instilled in him the desire and motivation to keep creating.

The illustration presented as the background for his work is one of his son Bilal, which we’ll get back to in a moment.

According to his website, he has never enrolled in an art institution, but instead has taken tips and guidance, from more experienced artists than himself along the way and continues to do so.

“Drawing for me has always been fun, relaxing and mind freeing.”

Abrahaman created the series with his son Bilal in mind. Also an artist, his son will help to curate the exhibit and may even bring some of his own to display.

Abrahaman’s statement of purpose:

“The proceeds go to whatever cause Bilal feels his peers need to help them develop.

There is a reason why in all major perfection and high studies of life, it is call the practice. A humbling word, that tells me that this one lifetime will never be enough to perfect nor master any thing I do. As good as I become at one thing I will alway find someone better then me at it who I can learn from.

I want Bilal to grasp this concept and reality from young and know that the less he opens him self up to knowing is the more he will learn and achieve in his personal life and cast affects on the lives of those dependent on him.

I vision a new educational system that is solely surounded on social skills and focuses primarily on the power of NOW. History is fine but has failed society on so many levels and causes the masses to live in resentment towards each other over a thing that was not done be present circumstances. Bilal, he is representing a social unity, how you beautifully described in your blog. Simplicity is all this is.

My wish is for Bilal to express himself and how he feels about being an artist and how we have inspired him in his own words not mine. All I truly wish to do is help inspire him to his greatest level by providing more art and much less words..”

The family exhibit will showcase charcoal illustrations from Abrahaman, poetry, photography & digital design by DaraMonifah and origami, digital art & one abstract acrylic painting by Bilal Djehuti Karheri Muhammad, their son.

Stay tuned for more from this creative collaboration….. Visit to view portraits and more.

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